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Air Purification Service

As a trustworthy restoration company, Mold Remediation of Orlando provides air purification services for residential and commercial customers in Orlando, FL.

Damages from mold, water, fire, and smoke can contaminate the air and create serious odors and pollutants. If you’re searching for an effective solution, get in touch with us now! We have the technical know-how, expertise, resources, and equipment to remove air contaminants from properties of all sizes! We are committed to offering you a quick, efficient, and stress-free experience.

From air purification system installation and repair to air duct cleaning in Orlando, we offer a variety of services to help protect your property’s air quality. Get a free on-site assessment today, give us a call at 407-930-6558.

Remove Unwanted Indoor Air Pollutants and Odors

At Mold Remediation of Orlando, we have a commitment to providing each customer with effective and safe air purification solutions.

We use a wide range of air purification systems and products to destroy contaminants and improve the indoor air quality of your space. Your health is extremely important to us. That is why our trained and dedicated technicians rely on environmentally friendly techniques.

We go above and beyond to leave your property in top-notch condition.

The RGF Photohydroionization Complete Home Air Purifier

Air purification system installation in Orlando, FL.

The RGF Photohydroionization® or PHI air filtration system is the #1 air purification system in the world. It is designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Mold typically forms in air ducts of air conditioning and heating systems, where we can easily install this system.

At Mold Remediation of Orlando, we wholly trust this system as the best solution for air purification and air duct cleaning in Orlando. We provide RGF air purifier installation and repair services to equip your property with it, and keep it running efficiently. We can easily install this system into your commercial or residential HVAC system’s air ducts and service it periodically for maintenance, or in any emergency repairs.

A variety of data supports the effectiveness of RGF’s system. Some of it’s lab results include:

  • 4-log reduction (99.99%) surface bacteria reduction
  • Over 80% VOC reduction
  • 97% airborne bacterial reduction
  • 85% odor reduction
  • 99.99% bacteria in water reduction
  • 97% airborne mold reduction
  • 99% food surface microbial reduction
  • Approved by the USDA, FSIS, and FDA for use in food processing plants
  • Tested and approved by the Chinese Government for protection against the SARS virus

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 Air Purifier Installation

Air purifier installation in Orlando, FL.

At Mold Remediation of Orlando, we offer commercial and whole-house air filter system installation services in Orlando, FL. We can help protect your property’s indoor air quality with fast, effective, and budget-conscious installation services.

Air Purifier Repair

Air purifier repair in Orlando, FL.

We also offer air purifier repair services to ensure your RGF purifier is working properly. Commercial and house air purifiers tend to be plagued by common problems such as faulty wiring and motor issues. Our Orlando air purification experts can tackle all of them

Replacement Services

Air duct cleaning system replacement.

The RGF Photohydroionization Complete Home Air Purifier should be replaced every three to five years. At Mold Remediation of Orlando, we offer timely replacement services for your RGF system for $300 to $400.

Why Choose Us

 Whole house air filter system installation in Orlando, FL.

If you’re looking for air purification solutions in Orlando, we are the company to call. With years of experience serving the area with mold remediation services, we have the knowledge and experience to turn moldy environments with low air quality around. Moreover, we provide preventive services to ensure your indoor air quality is not affected. We can install, maintain, and repair your air purification system to ensure your home or business doesn’t suffer from moldy air ducts and unwanted odors.

We are the Orlando air duct cleaning and air purifier service provider you can trust. We offer:

  • Free Visual Onsite Assessment
  • Less than 1 hour response time
  • Insurance Approved
  • Local, Family-Owned Company
  • State Licensed and Bonded