How Do You Test for Mold in the Home?

How Do You Test for Mold in the Home?

Any damp areas of your home provide the perfect conditions for mold to flourish and grow. Something as serious as mold should never be left alone. If you suspect you may have mold, the very first thing you need to do is know for sure. This means mold testing is your top priority.

What does this actually entail though? Can you do it yourself? We know you have a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer them all!

Table of Contents

  • How to Test for Mold in Your Home
  • Things You Can Do on Your Own
  • Hire a Professional Mold Inspection Service

How to Test for Mold in Your Home

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that there is enough evidence to link mold to upper respiratory tract symptoms, including itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, and wheezing. This occurs even in otherwise healthy people. Don’t leave something as important as indoor air quality to chance. If you suspect that mold spores are polluting your indoor air quality and even possibly making you sick, testing your environment should be at the top of your to-do list. 

When you hire a professional mold inspector to come to your home, they will take samples from three areas:

  • The air
  • The surface, like a wall 
  • The surrounding dust

This mold inspection professional will then send these samples to a third-party laboratory to find out the concentration and kinds of mold in those particular areas. Only trust a mold remediation company who uses a third-party lab. Otherwise, they may be trying to scam you into believing you need expensive services that you do not.

Things You Can Do on Your Own

While mold isn’t something to handle in a DIY manner, that’s not to say there’s nothing you can do. 

Mold requires moisture to grow, which is why you’re most likely to find it in damp, humid areas. Be on the lookout for areas where mold could flourish. Plumbing leaks trigger mold growth and should be repaired as soon as you find them. Any time mold covers more than a few square feet, a professional mold remediation team needs to be brought in right away.

You may smell mold before you see it. Mold is often described as having a musty odor. You may also feel the effects of mold, like sneezing and itching eyes. If you think you have mold but cannot see it, you can purchase a test kit. Mold test kits are available in most home improvement or hardware stores. This type of test can confirm your suspicion that you’re smelling and breathing in mold. Then, you can contact a mold remediation team.

Hire a Professional Mold Inspection Service

Visible mold anywhere in your Orlando home should be removed as quickly as possible by following safe mold removal methods. This is done by hiring a professional mold removal company. Mold Remediation of Orlando is a local, family-owned restoration company offering high quality restoration solutions, including mold inspection.