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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that HVAC duct systems are home to mold, bacteria, and other contaminants?

Along with affecting the performance of your HVAC system, mold and contaminants can circulate throughout the property and cause breathing and respiratory issues.

If you think your air duct systems are contaminated, it is important to have them checked and cleaned by Mold Remediation of Orlando.

Mold Remediation of Orlando specializes in providing air duct cleaning for residential and commercial customers in Orlando, FL.

Be it an emergency or annual maintenance measure, our effective cleaning solutions will give your HVAC system a new life.

Call us at 407-930-6558 for a free on-site assessment.

We Use Specialized Air Duct Cleaning Techniques and Tools

We utilize the most powerful air duct cleaning equipment and techniques to remove mold, bacteria, dirt, and debris from your air ducts. We clean every corner as effectively as possible.

Contact us to extend the life and performance of your HVAC system and lower your energy bills today!

Why Choose Us

  • Free Visual Onsite Assessment
  • Less than 1 hour response time
  • Insurance Approved
  • Local, Family-Owned Company
  • State Licensed and Bonded